Swedish Wrap Die (1.6″ inch die, 2 double sided push rods)


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New Larger Swedish Wrap Die from Legacy Brand Coin Ring Tools.

This newly designed die with a 1.6″ diameter opening at the top and a 1.25″ inch diameter opening on the bottom. Made for turning coins into rings using the Swedish Wrap process.

Very beneficial for getting larger coins like copper rounds and American Silver Eagles directly from your 17 degree fold into a Swedish wrap die for pressing. Watch the video by Gary Rosa linked below for more details.

Included in this set:

1.6″ inch diameter Swedish Wrap Die

You also get a two piece double sided delrin PUSH ROD SET designed to push coins thru the 1.6″ inch die.

PUSH RODS are double sided and made from detail protecting delrin. They are all 1″ inch in height.

With the double sided push rods equaling 4 different sizes, you have a range of 1.23″ inches to 1.54″ inches in outer diameter to accommodate the entire length of your 1.6″ inch diameter SW die.

It’s recommended to use a cotton makeup round between delrin push rod and coin reed. This will also help to keep the push rod centered evenly during your press.

The Swedish Wrap Die is laser engraved for easy identification.