MIGHTY Coin Ring Punch Set with 3/4″” and 1″ hole sizes



Legacy Brand Coin Ring MIGHTY COIN RING PUNCH SET with 3/4″ and 1″ hole sizes.

This set includes a durable punch body made from 4140 steel and 2″ inches inside diameter.

There are two different punches and accompanying dies made from O-1 tool steel and heat treated for maximum durability.

The two punch sizes make holes that are 3/4″ inch and 1″ inch. Additionally, we stock a 7/8″ diameter punch for this set available now and have a 13/16″ punch in progress and available in March.

Included 43 piece ABS plastic 3D printed spacer set. Spacer inner diameters range from 24 mm to 45 mm in 0.5 mm increments. For coins that fall in between spacer sizes, use a small piece of paper towel to “shim” the coin into the spacer for a perfect center hole punch.

If you have previously purchased the LEGACY BRAND MEGA punch and spacer set, the (50.7 mm) spacers you currently have will work with this new punch set. See variations to purchase with or without spacer set.

Use a 6 ton hydraulic press to punch coins with this punch set.

This punch has a maximum inner diameter of 2″ inches (50.8 mm) and fit’s just about every coin out there. With the included spacer set, you can center punch multiple hole sizes in hundreds of different coins, both foreign and US.

This is a quality coin ring punch set, made in the USA by American craftsmen, and made to last.

This center punch and spacer set is in stock and ready to ship USPS Priority Flat Rate Mail with Signature confirmation within one business day.

These printed spacer sets may have the occasional rough edge or micro filament of plastic residual left over from the 3D printing process. If you find any irregular edges on your spacers, a light touch of sanding with 500 grit sandpaper (included) will clean up any minor issues.

Why spend your money on Legacy Brand Coin Ring Tools?

Customer Service and Support:

Look at our 1000 + reviews from Etsy and see what others are saying:

“the folks at Legacy Brand Coin Ring Tools are very supportive and communicate so well regarding any questions you might have. They have made every effort to work with me in any way that they could. I have made several purchases from these folks and each transaction has been hassle free. I recommend them very highly. “

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We don’t just make coin ring tools and sell them, we have our very own brand ambassador Gary Rosa. Gary is an expert coin ring and bell craftsman and he is available to help you figure out what Legacy Brand tools you need and how to make best use of those tools. Gary does all of our Legacy Brand Coin Ring Tools videos on YouTube, and has helped hundreds of customers get started in coin ring making.

Here at Legacy Brand Coin Ring Tools, we strive to provide:

Quality tools, made in the USA, and built to last.
Fast order fulfillment and fast shipping from our centralized location in Abilene, Texas.
Responsive customer service when you need it.

Thank you for shopping with us and making Legacy Brand Coin Ring Tools a success.

“Coin Ring Tools to Craft your Legacy”

Karen and Larry Harnar

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