Legacy Brand Coin Ring Wall Straightening Set


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Legacy Brand Coin Ring Wall Straightening Set for Coin Rings

Straighten the walls of your Swedish Wrap coin rings with this 13 piece straightening set by Legacy Brand coin ring tools. Use for rings from size 3 all the way up to size 15.

With 6 caps and 6 cones, this set has a total of 6 different incremental steps to use when straightening the walls of your coin ring. Also, includes a stand to hold the cap.

The set is designed to be used right after using the Swedish wrap method to straighten a ring. It can be used with other degree folds (17 degree for example), however the cut side of the ring must first be opened up using a standard ring stretcher.

Made from detail protecting delrin and set at a 5 degree angle.

Always anneal your coin ring frequently during the straightening process.

Always deburr the cut side of your ring before beginning the straightening process.

Always use coconut oil to lubricate your delrin cone before beginning the straightening process.

Please watch the tutorial video by brand ambassador Gary Rosa to understand how to use this system:

Credit for the original design of this system and the modification and improvement of this wall straightening system for coin rings goes to Neil Pipet and Gary Rosa. Royalty agreement in place.


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