17 DEGREE Folding Cone, DELRIN, 1/4″ inch to 3/4″ inch Hole Sizes Folding Range


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Universal 17 degree folding cone machined from Delrin.

Use this tool with any brand of coin ring reduction dies to fold coins with holes from 1/4″ inch (0.25″) to 3/4″ inch (0.75″).

This is a direct replica of our popular stainless steel cone made from detail protecting Delrin plastic.

Use this Delrin folding cone to help preserve the inner detail of coins when folding. Punched holes should be deburred and free of sharp edges before using your Delrin folding cone.

For coins that are not 99% silver, it’s important to remember that Delrin cones should not be your primary folding cone.

Ringers should use a steel cone for the majority of the fold and then transition to the delrin cone for the last little bit where you would get the most metal to metal contact.

And remember to always anneal your coins during the folding process.

Use in your hydraulic press or arbor press. Not for use in ring sizing machines, due to tool height and the lack of clearance.


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