DELRIN Push Rod Set for Swedish Wrap Dies


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This is a a six piece, double sided, DELRIN PUSH ROD SET designed to push coins thru the LEGACY Brand CRT SWEDISH WRAP SET.

These delrin push rods have the exact same dimensions as our brass push rod sets but are machined from detail protecting Delrin plastic.

Use this Delrin push rod set to help preserve the edge detail of coins when pressing in your Swedish wrap dies. Also beneficial in preventing damage to the inside of your dies.

This push rod set also works with SW sets from other coin ring tool makers.

With the double sided push rods equaling 12 different sizes, you have a range of 0.550″ inches to 1.32″ inches in outer diameter to accommodate the entire length of your die set.

WARNING! This product contains small parts and can present a choking hazard to children. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN!