Coin Ring Spacer Set for Most Brands of Coin Ring Center Punch



US and world coin ring punch spacers designed to be used with any size coin punch.

The 38 mm OD and 44 mm OD spacer sets fit the most popular brands of punches being sold. If you are unsure of what size set you need, send me a message.

38 mm = Silver Dollar size body (41 spacers)
44 mm = 1.75″ punch body (41 spacers)
50.7 mm = 2″ punch body (61 spacers in this set)

41 spacers total in this coin ring punch spacer set, except for the 50.7 mm set.

Smallest inside diameter coin spacer: 15 mm
Largest inside diameter coin spacer: 35 mm
Spacers: 2 mm thickness

0.5 mm increments in ID sizing. For coins that fall in between the spacer sizes, padding evenly with a paper towel works great.

These spacers work great on US and foreign coinage.

No need to buy individual spacers for each coin.

With this set, you can make coin rings from almost any coin out there.

Perfectly center punch holes in hundreds of different sized coins.

These coin ring punch spacer sets are 3D printed from tough plastic, and hold up really well.

I have punched holes in hundreds of different world coins with these spacers.

It really expanded my ability to make custom coin rings from various world coins.

The best way to determine which spacers you need, is to measure your punches inside diameter or the outside diameter of a spacer that currently works with your punch, with a micrometer.

38 mm OD, 44 mm OD, 50.7 mm spacer sets are in stock and ship within one business day.

These printed spacer sets may have the occasional rough edge or micro filament of plastic residual left over from the 3D printing process. If you find any irregular edges on your spacers, a light touch of sanding with 500 grit sandpaper (included) will clean up any minor issues.

This listing is for the spacers only, no coin punches, or coins included.

Additional information

Weight .40 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in
Spacer Size

38 mm = 1.5" inch (Silver Dollar) size body, 44 mm = 1.75" inch punch body, 50.7 mm = 2" inch punch body


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