Coin Ring Punch and Spacer Set Center Punch 1/2″ holes in hundreds of different coins Legacy Brand


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Legacy Brand Coin Ring Punch and Spacer Set:


1/2″ inch coin ring center punch set with a punch body made from 4140 tool steel and a punch made from O-1 tool steel and heat treated for maximum durability.

Included 32 piece ABS plastic 3D printed spacer set. Spacer inner diameters range from 20 mm to 35.5 mm in 0.5 mm increments. For coins that fall in between spacer sizes, use a small piece of paper towel to “shim” the coin into the spacer for a perfect center hole punch.

This punch has a maximum inner diameter of 39 mm and fit’s 1 ounce copper rounds without a spacer. Fit’s Silver dollars with minor shimming. With the included spacer set, you can punch 1/2″ inch center holes in hundreds of different coins, both foreign and US.

Use a 6 ton hydraulic press or a 2.5 pound brass hammer with this set.

When using this punch set with a hammer, DO NOT hammer the punch over a hard surface, such as a steel plate. This will cause damage to the punch. Hammer the punch over a wood block or something similar.

No coins are included with this listing.

These printed spacer sets may have the occasional rough edge or micro filament of plastic residual left over from the 3D printing process. If you find any irregular edges on your spacers, a light touch of sanding with 500 grit sandpaper (included) will clean up any minor issues.

I recommend that every coin ring maker purchase a micrometer and check the diameter of the coins / rounds that they are using. Many copper / silver rounds vary in diameter, depending on the manufacturer.