6 Ton Hydraulic Press Ram Head


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Expand the usefulness of your 6 ton A Frame Hydraulic press with this 1.75″ diameter ram head from Legacy Brand Coin Ring Tools.



Ram head is easy to install and fits six ton hydraulic press from Harbor freight (ram shaft diameter 0.70″ or 18 mm) without difficulty. To install, simply lubricate the inside cup of the ram head with spray lubricant or oil, place on arbor plate and lower press ram until head is firmly pressed onto the ram shaft.

Ram head is 1.75″ in diameter and matches perfectly with reduction / folding dies to eliminate the need for extra press plates when making coin rings. Ram head decreases press ram clearance by approximately 1/2″ when in place.

Ram head is made from hardened 4140 tool steel.

If you have difficulty installing, it’s likely that the ram shaft on your press is slightly deformed from the manufacturing process and may need some sanding / grinding to make it round.

A few things to remember:

Always wear safety glasses when working with any type of press.

This set is designed for use in making coin rings and for a maximum press size of six tons.

Do not use a “cheater bar” for extra leverage with this ram head. It is not intended for that amount of pressing force.

Once the ram head encounters resistance during pressing, stop pressing to prevent damage to your tools and project.

DO NOT overload ram head.

No coins, dies or presses are included with this listing.

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in