13 Degree Cent / Dime Die and Cone Set


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13 Degree Die Set with 13 Degree Stainless Steel Folding Cone and 5 Degree Delrin Cone

If you have ever struggled with getting small coins such as dimes and pennies on your ring stretcher, here’s the answer.

Start by punching a 3/8″ center hole in your chosen coin.

Choose the appropriate side of the die for either a penny (cent) or a dime.

Fold the coin with the 13 degree SS cone, until the sides of the cone are almost touching the coin. Anneal as needed.

Deburr coin cut edge to protect delrin cone.

Next, fold with the 5 degree delrin cone.

After these steps, your coin will have a big enough hole to fit over the top of your ring stretcher. Around size 3.

This 13 Degree CENT / DIME DIE and CONE set includes the die, a 13 degree folding cone made from stainless steel and a 5 degree finishing cone made from detail protecting delrin.

This die and cone set is machined from heat treated and hardened 17-4 stainless steel and super durable delrin. Die is laser engraved with coin type and angle. Made in the USA and made to last.

Special thanks goes out to Gary Rosa, with GS Custom Coin Rings, for inspiring this tool and help with the tool design.